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Sophomore Research - Spring 2019: Library Databases (Search Engines)

Office 365

Research 101! - Keep track of all the sources that you find in your OneNote or OneDrive. For every article, story, or piece of information, copy and paste the link into a document or OneNote page so that you don't lose it. 

What's a database and why do I care!?

Think of a database like a search engine, go ahead and call it that if you want! But, remember, a database doesn't search through EVERYTHING on the web (that's Google's job). It only searches through reliable, credible sources that a person usually has to have a paid subscription to access. The Library pays for the databases, so you can have access to all the info they contain. There are NO:

  • Ads or sponsored content
  • Blogs

Exploring Issues

World Book Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia articles from World Book Online




Controversial Issues


Provides historical contexts, expert perspectives, primary sources, and secondary sources for controversial topics.

Opposing Viewpoints

Covers an array of controversial topics with access to articles, specialized websites, podcasts, primary sources, etc. 

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