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The Tinkering Tianguis: Tinkering at Home

Ti - an - guis (tee-aun-GEESE): from the Spanish language: open-air market or bazaar that is traditionally held on certain market days in a town or city neighborhood in Mexico and Central America.

September Arts & Crafts Wednesdays

October Arts & Crafts Wednesdays


Eat Hot Dog GIF by j.a.c.k.i.e.l.a.n.dPAPER MACHE!

Just like papel picado and Mexican paper flowers, paper mache also originated in China! Paper mache was used to make masks, ornaments and for other festival activities in China. Eventually, like paper, this technique and art practice spread to the rest of the world. 


Basic Supplies: 

  • Newspaper or similar 
  • masking tape 
  • tempera or acrylic paint
  • decorative supplies


1. Once you've figured out what food item you'll make, crunch newspaper into a basic shape and hold together with tape.

  • You can build up the layers of newspaper, taping on specific shapes or balls. 

2. Cut strips of newspaper and then dip them one at a time, into the paper mache paste. Make sure you squeeze any extra paste off the wet strips. 

3. Cover your newspaper basic shape with the wet newspaper strips, until your entire base is covered completely. Let dry for a few days before painting.

4. Paint and decorate to make your paper mache food come to life! 




September Take & Make Tuesdays

October Take & Make Tuesdays



Basic Supplies: 

  • cardstock - green, red, shades of brown
  • popsicle sticks
  • craft glue
  • decorative clay sprinkles, glitter

1. Download my candy apple drip and apple cricut files

2. Use a Cricut machine to cut the designs out

3. Glue the candy drip onto of the apple. Grab a popsicle stick and glue it to the backside. 

4. Decorate with clay sprinkles or glitter!

Want to make your own? Check out my free cricut svg files!

Candy Apple Drip

Candy Apple