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JSM Instructional Technology Hub: Communication / Student Discourse


Communication / Student Discourse

Promote discourse, dialogue,
and debate to foster deeper thinking.


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Tool Purpose Access / Resources Applications

Facilitate video discussions by creating video grids. Grids serve as a video messenger board where students and teachers can respond to each other.   

Teacher: Go to and sign up. 

Student: Go to and enter join code for topic or group.

Flipgrid website

Educator Resources

  • SEL student check-ins
  • Storytelling and student summaries
  • Peer-to-peer feedback
  • Virtual tutorials 

Microsoft OneDrive
Cloud service that allows users to store files in one place and access them from anywhere. Users can share files with others to view or collaborate.

Teacher:  Access via the Office 365 suite when logged in using Morton Microsoft credentials.     

Student:  Access via the Office 365 suite when logged in using Morton Microsoft credentials.   

*One Drive can be used as a desktop app or through the online version. 

Educator Resources 

Microsoft Teacher Training Packs


  • Develop, store, and share all their lesson plans, curriculum, and other important files. 
  • Collaborate with colleagues or at PDs when presenting, create and distribute work to students, or house portfolios for each student.  


  • Use as a digital USB drive, allowing students to access and continue working on files and documents remotely or when switching devices. 
  • Work collaboratively in various Office documents and programs 

Microsoft OneNote
A cloud-based application used for gathering, organizing, and storing files, notes, drawings, photos, screen clippings, audio, and more. Users can create and can collaborate on notebooks and file share.  

Teacher:  Access via the Office 365 suite when logged in using Morton Microsoft credentials.     

Student: Access via the Office 365 suite when logged in using Morton Microsoft credentials.  

*One Note can be used as a desktop app or through the online version. 

Educator Resources

Microsoft Teacher Training Packs   


  • Curate information, distribute assignments and host guided notes during instruction in class 
  • Share resources and collaborate on projects
  • Create escape room type challenges by embedding in Teams.  


  • Access class materials, take their own notes, and submit assignments
  • Download and edit files from One Note to their own device  
  • Collaborate with peers in shared class space 

Microsoft Teams
An online communication platform that offers workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration. Users can collaborate in real time and keep everyone on the same page by sharing screens to see the same content.

Teacher:  Access  via the Office 365 suite when logged in using Morton Microsoft credentials.  

Student:  Access  via the Office 365 suite when logged in using Morton Microsoft credentials.  

*Teams can be used as a desktop app or through the online version.  

Educator Resources

Microsoft Teacher Training Packs

  • Remote learning hub 
  • Student-teacher conferences 
  • Group work 
  • Present and submit assignments  

A virtual class discussion tool that helps increase accountability, encourage reflection, and empower reliable feedback and assessment. Offers a library of ready-made discussion prompts that encourage higher-order thinking and connect learning to the events and ideas shaping our world.  

Teacher: Use this link (Morton Parlay Launch Pad) and sign in with Microsoft credentials. If you already have an account, use the upgrade code. Contact Sam Skubal for the code. 

Student: Use this link and sign in with Microsoft or use link provided by teacher.

Educator Resources


  • Socratic seminar literature circles
  • Peer feedback 
  • Silent debates 
  • Reflections 

Simple online, screen recording software allowing up to 15 minutes of free recording. Able to edit and export files as MP4s.   

Teacher and Student: Go to Select ‘Record for Free’ and then select ‘Launch Free Recorder.’ 

Screencast-O-Matic website

Educator Resources


  • Video essays
  • Flipped lessons 
  • Pre-recorded student presentations 
  • Video (paper) feedback 

Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. | LinkedIn

Swank Digital Campus

Digital streaming platform for K-12 schools. Swank allows teachers to show movies that support the curriculum in the classroom without copyright issues.


Teacher: Use this link to access Swank Digital Streaming for K-12. Teachers should create an account in Swank - reach out to your campus Librarian with questions.
  • Watch award-winning films 
  • Spark classroom conversations
  • Assign movies outside of class time as part of a flipped classroom model.