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JSM Instructional Technology Hub: Feedback / Assessment


Feedback / Assessment

Evaluate student learning with immediate
feedback to make instructional decisions.


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Tool Purpose Access / Resources Applications

Web-based interactive video and formative assessment tool that lets users crop existing online videos and add content to target specific learning objectives. 

Teacher:  Access school PRO account here. Contact Ms. Skubal with any access issues.

Student:  Create a login using your preferred e-mail credentials: School e-mail or login with Google.

Edpuzzle website

Educator Resources 

  • Active lecture with embedded formative assessment using video 
  • Embed your viewing guide in an existing video 
  • Voice-over to clarify/explain content in a video (non-Youtube videos) 
  • Create video tutorials 

Students engage in assessments for the chance to gain and lose in-game cash by answering questions correctly and incorrectly. Students can then reinvest their money by purchasing upgrades and power-ups. 

Teacher: Go to GimKit. Once there, enter your Morton email address, and follow the prompts.  After you have created your account, in a new browser tab, paste this link to join our Pro account. 

Student:  Click on the link sent by the teacher. Authenticate account through the Morton email.   

Introduction to Gizmos  

How Gizmos can be used in instruction

Educator Resources 

  • Compare the slope-intercept form of a linear equation to its graph, then vary the coefficients to explore how the graph changes in response. 
  • Use blocks to understand volume by building a rectangular prism and then try to balance the blocks on a point.  
  • Compare the growth of three common garden plants and observe how different variables effect the growth of the plant.  

Web-based program for creating assessments from documents and other sources to create interactive question types like Show Your Work (drawing), Drag and Drop, Audio Recording, Graphing, Essay, Math Typing, Resequence, and many more.  

Teacher:  Use this link and sign in with Microsoft credentials. Rosters are updated by the Data Team. 

Student: Use this link and sign in with Microsoft credentials or use link provided by teacher. 

Educator Resources 

  • Self-paced unit with embedded content and assessment 
  • Formative assessments
  • Checks for understanding
  • Instant data connected to CC Standards 
  • Upload documents with daily lesson/plans for students and embed items on the document to enhance your students learning experience. 

Game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes.

TeacherGo to  and log in. Choose your account type (Teacher). Choose Basic (The Free One). 

Student:  Go to and click Play and enter the Pin provided by the teacher. 

Educator Resources 

  • Gamily unit reviews 
  • Student-created reviews
  • Quizzes and formative assessments
  • Homework 
  • Opinions and surveys
  • Voting 
  • Gamify lessons (competition style)
  • Assess students’ knowledge before, during, and after a unit 

Microsoft Forms
Create surveys, quizzes, and polls that can be shared with others to respond providing immediate data and feedback. Built in analytics provide real-time charts and automatically generated reports, and data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for customized, in-depth analysis. Users can add custom backgrounds, create QR Codes, and set e-mails to be sent automatically after a Form is submitted.  

Teacher:  Access via the Office 365 suite when logged in using Morton Microsoft credentials.   

Student:  Access via the Office 365 suite when logged in using Morton Microsoft credentials. 

*Forms can be used as a desktop app or through the online version.  

Educator Resources 

Microsoft Teacher Training Packs



  • Create surveys for a variety of purposes like interest surveys, SEL check ins, or exit tickets. 
  • Create short answer or multiple choice content specific quizzes. 
  • Customize backgrounds and send e-mails automatically after completion. 
  • Share with a link or QR code. 
  • Collaborate on forms to share with whole departments or districts.  


  • Peer-to-peer feedback and to create rubrics for group evaluations. 
  • Gather data via polls and anecdotal evidence. 

A student engagement platform that used to present, communicate, and collaborate with students in the classroom. A teacher can use this for discourse through response prompts set up by the teacher throughout the presentation.   

Teacher:  Log in with Morton Microsoft credentials. 

Student:  Go to and enter the code provided by the teacher. 

Nearpod website

Educator Resources 

  • Create interactive presentations for students 
  • Synchronous and asynchronous lessons
  • Integrate videos and add questions during videos
  • Live formative assessment
  • Modeling
  • Open-ended tasks
  • Setting homework 

Create and conduct student-paced formative assessments for students. Teachers can customize assessments based on level of competition, speed, number of attempts, and even the presence of teacher-inserted memes after questions!  

Teacher:  Go to and create an account.  

Student: Join a class using link sent by teacher or join a live quiz through code provided by teacher.

  •  “Challenge Friends” feature allows students to host live games, lead their own study group, and challenge the teacher, conduct “duels” with partners. 
  • Students generate questions to challenge each other.
  • Create individual pre- and post-assessments. 
  • Create group assessments in which students take a quiz as a group and discuss the answers. 
  • Create a quiz that embeds different types of media and questions types for a more interactive assessment. For example, embed a YouTube video and insert questions for students to answer based on the video they watched.   

Create study tools such as interactive flashcards, tests, and study games. With Quizlet, students can choose their own “Study Mode.” This allows activity content to be migrated from flashcards to matching games to other types of study games easily and responsively. 

Teacher:  Create a login using your preferred e-mail credentials: School e-mail or login with Google. 

Student:  Create a login using your preferred e-mail credentials: School e-mail or login with Google. 

Quizlet website

Educator Resources 


  • Vocabulary practice – independent or gamified 
  • Machine graded assessments
  • Vocabulary assessment 
  • Concept review & assessment